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The Best Way to Share Links With US
Actually, pretty much the only way, so please read every word.

Web traffic to sites is accomplished with links. It's links that bring people to sites and links that have sites ranking high on the first page of search engines. That's the way the Internet works, so that's what's required if you wish anyone to find your site. Google decided that incomeing links would be the top issue to determine what a site was about and how valueable it may be for visitors. When in Rome...

People can find your site if they get your URL off a business card. But, how many cards would you have to give out to get even close to the traffic offered by search engines when you show up on page one? That is not counting traffic coming from other sites displaying your link. So linking in the ways that are viewed most highly by the search engines is very advantagous.

What counts as a good link? First, only relevant, on topic or related sites should swap links. If your site is about cars it's not a good idea to swap with a site that sells plumbing supplies. Unfortunately if you swap with off topic sites the search engines may think you trying to "game the system" and consider your links worthless. Can't blame them, they are just trying to stay ahead of the spam/junk sites that really are trying to game the system.

Link farms used to be all the rage till the search engines figured them out, now those links are devalued and worthless. A links or resourses page can look like a link farm to the SE and are expected to be valued less at some point. Since this is a fairly new site we've decided to give links in the most beneficial way right from the beginning. This helps you immensely and we expect the same in return.

We will link to you from one of our pages with content on it, NOT a links page, we have no links or resources page. Check out the link at the bottom of this page. It's a highly revelant link that makes sense to the search engine robots crawling the web. Our links to you will have lasting value, we expect the same in return.

Lastly, so many are obsessed with page rank PR. It is not as important as you think. The only thing important is if the page your link is on is indexed in the search engines. Ever wonder how sites with no or little PR are ranking highly on page one? It is easiest to verify indexing by checking the page in Yahoo.

If you link in the way I've outlined, PR will show up and take care of itself. Below is a list of links you have to choose from. Notice they don't all link to the home page, another big mistake people make.

If you'd like to swap links put our link up FIRST, then contact us with your link details and where we can find our link.