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---------------This car has been sold and is no longer available----------------

Here is your opportunity to acquire a little known but much appreciated and imminently collectible American muscle car in the grand tradition of the 1960s and 70s Buick GS cars, arguably some of the quickest and fastest of their era.

I purchased this 1986 Buick Grand National at a collector car auction about a year ago. I've been a Mopar guy for a long time, but always had a soft spot for Buicks, as my family had a Buick and Chevrolet dealership when I was growing up as a kid. Over the years I've had friends that owned the rare Gran Sport cars and had success in sanctioned drag racing with them. I've owned a very quick turbo sports car and thought this car would be an ideal candidate to sneak up and totally surprise the young local tuner crowd. This car can do that..... it's quiet, makes no whining whistling blower or overlapped cam rumbling noises. The turbo doesn't snort through a blow-off valve....it just goes like stink and chirps the tires under a full throttle gear change!

Over the last year, my circumstances have not allowed me to enjoy this car as often as I had hoped, and I've put less than 800 miles it. I've placed a very very reasonable reserve on the auction and you can purchase the car for a very reasonable price. I'll be sorry to see this fun car go, but my loss can be your gain.

The car has 95,500ish miles on it at present, so it's NOT a new car. Please understand that. This is a very nice appearing and driving used performance car. Having said that, however, it appears to be in very good cosmetic and mechanical condition.

As you can tell from the photos, the paint has buffed out very nicely and it looks good from several feet away. However,I do want to be honest with you, there ARE a number of imperfections, nicks and scratches in the typical places, like the leading edge of the exterior rear-view mirrors. There is some checking in the hood paint that become more noticeable when the car has been sitting in the sun. I've also included a photo of the crack in the top center of the dash where the vinyl stitching has separated on the dash cap. If one were planning to keep the car for a long term investment, you may want to eventually freshen the original black paint. The interior has few blemishes and the upholstery is in remarkably good condition for the mileage. The back seat looks like it may never have been sat in.

To the best of my knowledge, all the engine components are bone stock. After purchasing the car, I did replace the water pump and a leaking valve cover gasket, so that has been done. The car runs straight with no vibrations or rattles. The engine runs strong, the trans shifts properly and it stops quickly and straight.

You will notice from the photos that this Grand National, one of only 5512 built in 1986, ALSO has the CC1 "Lockable Hatch" glass T-tops. I've done some research to determine how many of the 86 GN's came equiped with the T-Tops; I've not been able to confirm a specific number, but this was obviously a relatively rare option. In fact, the 1986 Grand Nationals are much more rare than the last year's production in 1987 when about 21,000 units were produced. Each of the panels can be unlocked with the trunk key, and lifted off the car. Two original GM storage cases are included in the trunk. These panels effectively turn a comfortable winter car into a very enjoyable partial convertible for warmer months. The rubber seals will occasionally squeak on a cold day but replacement seals are readily available from a variety of sources and they are not expensive to replace.

You will also notice the original Grand National wheels with the GN logo and the Goodyear Eagle GT raised white letter tires, replicating the original appearance of the car when new. All of the tires have been replaced, with a great deal of tread still remaining.

The Air Conditioning still blows cold, the AM/FM radio will still take your old cassettes, and the electric seat, windows and locks work perfectly.

Whatever your needs, a 10 second wheelstanding bracket car project, a sharp weekend cruise car, or an everyday economical commuter.... you won't go wrong here!

If you have further questions, feel free to give me a call at 303-324-3300; please remember, however, I'm in Mountain Standard Time.