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......................This car has been sold and is no longer available......................

The text that follows below is a shorter description and has fewer photos from when the car first appeared on the site.

Looking for a project car? Here is the perfect answer to your search for a '70s Mopar or 2nd generation Charger project that can win show awards OR provide you with lots of driving fun! Included with the car are essential pieces to make the restoration simple, quick and easy.

The original factory configuration of this 1970 Dodge Charger included the Top Banana, High Impact paint color scheme with a black vinyl top, a 383 inch - 330 Horsepower motor, a four speed transmission and an 8.75 inch SureGrip differential. You can return the car to that configuration with little difficulty. The first photo below shows a similar car to refresh your memory of what it would look like.

When I acquired the car several years ago for another project however, the car had been repainted to a Black exterior and sported a 440 inch - 390 Horsepower Six Pack motor, and a heavier Dana 60 differential.

You now have the opportunity to build another 440 Six Pack or go back to the 383 to make it factory correct. A decoding of the fender tag reveals the following options

E63 = 383 Inch, 4 BBL motor

D21 = Four speed transmission

XP29N0G168435 = Dodge Charger, 383, 1970, St. Louis assembly plant, 168,435th car

FY1 = Top Banana, High Impact paint (also known as Lemon Twist on the Plymouths

C6XA = Charger bucket seats, black

TX9 = Black door frame paint

C02 = Production date of December 02, 1969

002372 = Vehicle order number

V1X = Black vinyl top

B51 = Power Brakes

C16 = Console with woodgrain panel

C55 = Bucket seat

G33 = Left hand, remote control mirror

J25 = 3 speed wipers

M21 = Drip rail moldings

M31 = Body belt moldings

R22 = AM radio with 8-track stereo

END = End of options

Included with the price of the car will be the 440 motor that is now sitting in the chassis. This is a 1972 casting date motor that I took in trade and understand that it was running when it was sold to me, but I have no knowledge and can make no guarantees of it's condition. The bell housing and four speed transmission were just bolted together so the drive train could be mounted in the chassis, but you will want to supply your own clutch assembly.

There are some flaws in the paint and you will want to repair these and any body damage prior to repainting the car either Banana/Lemon or Black. You will also note the trunk floor had been cut out prior to being repaired, but the necessary repair pans are included with the car. The bottom of the quarter panels show very little to no rust. The floor pans do show some rust and the necessary repair panels are already included. The rear seat is virtually new and in near perfect condition. You can see from the photo of the dash that the odometer is showing 61,965 miles, although I cannot testify to that accuracy. Included with the car is an extra woodgrain instrument panel and a woodgrain console. Brand new Legendary Interiors rear door panels are also included, as the existing front and rear panels are not included with the sale. The original black seats have brand new Legendary seat skins, ready for your installation and a new Legendary black carpet set is included.

In order for you to rebuild another Six Pack motor, I have supplied a brand new Edlebrock intake manifold. The original Holley carburetors and linkage are also included. Parts from the original Six Pack motor that was in the car will also be included in the sale which includes virtually everything but the block itself. This will include original Six Pack heads, pistons, rods, crankshaft, timing cover, oil pan and a set of tube headers. The frame rail on the passenger side will need a repair, but a frame rail cap had already been included to save the trouble of tracking one down.

In short, all the major parts were here for you to complete the restoration.