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To let you know a little of who I am and where I've been, here's a photo of our original 1963 Plymouth 426 Max Wedge Super Stock Savoy. It all began here.

My fascination with Mopar muscle cars and 426 Max Wedge and 426 Hemi race cars actually began here. (That's actually Judy Lilly and her 68 Hemi Cuda in the background. I don't think we ever got to the big end ahead of her!) My high school buddy / college roommate / oldest friend and I acquired this car in 1970 and paid the huge sum of $2400 for the car. A lot of money for a couple of young guys just out of college.

This was an original aluminum front end car that had been raced in the Colorado area for some time. When we acquired the car, it was already equipped with the upgraded '63 Stage II heads and we continued to use the original Carter 3447 AFB carburetors and the aluminum crossram intake manifold, a modified 727 TorqueFlite transmission and 4.56 rear gears.

Now here's a trivia question for you 426 Max Wedge, Stage II and Stage III guys... How many aluminum cars came from the factory with the Stage II motors??

Answer: Actually, there were none! The factory bulletin of June 17, 1963 making the new Stage II option available for the huge sum of $33.80 was announced AFTER all the aluminum cars had been built!

Additionally, the July 17th memo indicates that the first Stage II block castings would be given serial numbers, instead of just a casting date, with the first 11.0 to 1 TMP 426-2 block being dated and numbered 5-31-01, (with the 01 indicating the first casting of the day) and the first 13.5 to 1 TMP-HC 426-2 13.5 block being numbered 6-14-01 for June 14, casting # 1 of the day. The first Stage II car to leave the Lynch Road factory, where they were all built, was a black Savoy with a black interior, and it was shipped from the factory on June 24th.

My racing partner and I pulled the Max Wedge Savoy with a new Dodge Charger that I had just purchased. Years later, in 2002, I wondered if I could find that Charger... IF it was still alive. It it turns out that it WAS.

And an interesting story ensued!

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