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...............................................SORRY,IT'S SOLD ...............................................


I purchased this car for another project but plans have changed and it had to go........ YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME SOONER!!

Before we get to the screamin' deal price, there are some things you'll probably want to know about the car.

Just before I purchased this car two years ago from a seller in New Mexico (read: hot/dry/no humidity!) he had gone through the car and repainted it so I'm not claiming credit for the paint and body work because I was not involved in this part of the restoration. Consequently, I don't know if there is any body filler or bondo in the body panels; I wasn't involved in this part of the restoration. He installed a new windshield and put a set of new Legendary seat skins in the interior. The four tube headers were mated with a 3" MagnaFlow exhaust.

The car was originally built with a 2 barrel carburetor on the 383 cubic inch motor that was down-rated with lower compression in 1971 to 275 horsepower. That original carb was replaced with a much larger Holley carb with an electric choke. Although I have no proof, I'm making an educated guess that the cylinder heads were redone, the compression was increased and a new hydraulic cam was installed. With the Magnaflow exhaust, this car has a really nice lumpy idle and a quick, short bark when you wing the throttle. This is truly one of the best sounding Mopars I've ever owned.

As you may have noticed, the car has an R/T hood on it. Please understand this is NOT an original R/T coded car as it did not have a four barrel carbureted engine. Personally, I think this R/T hood is one of best Mopar ever designed, so even though it didn't come from the factory this way, I'm glad it's there.

It turned out that the transmission was almost toast, so I pulled it out and rebuild it with new parts and sealed it back up. The hub of the torque converter was also cracked, so we put in a new stock converter. With the high performance shift kit that was in the trans, it now holds 1st gear just a little longer than usual and will chirp the tires at 2/3 throttle going into second gear. Automatic upshifts and downshifts now work beautifully! The back end has a 3.55 SureGrip that is tight, with no slop, and does NOT growl. Please understand however, this car is not guaranteed to set your hair on fire.... it's just a really really good looking, good driving car.

Just prior to taking the photos that you will see in a moment, I went to the shop where the car had been sitting for about four days. One quick 1/2 throttle pump, a twist of the key and the car roared to life as it always does, no matter how long it has been sitting or how cold it has gotten. Without my foot nearing the pedal, it warmed up by itself, slowly came off the high idle and settled down to a beautiful 800 rpm purr. You will have to actually hear the sound of this car to know what I mean!

The car has had the suspension rebuilt at some point in the not too distant past and it has both a front and rear sway bar. The car handles really well. Surprisingly well! It goes straight, the steering wheel has no slop or looseness, you can stand on the brakes and it comes to a stop in a straight line! All in proper 1971 fashion, of course!

The tires appear to be almost new with Firestone "INDY 500 Firehawk" rubber all around. It has 215/65R15's on the front and 275/60R15's on the back for that period correct look. The wheels are the original 15 inch, "Magnum 500" wheels and have excellent chrome all around and they polished up really well.

Now, to the things I want to honestly disclose to you that will need some attention for a completely finished "show-n-go" driver. The muffler shop got the exhaust pipes too close to the axle housing and it will thump when going over a dip. The water temp and the gas gauge need to repaired so they will work accurately. The dash cap is cracked in two places. If you do not want to keep the dash covered with the fiber cover, you will need to replace it. These can be had from several vendors found on the internet. The instrument panel has some mounting holes left over from a previous owner so if you don't want to look at those holes, you may want to replace both sections. The left and right sections of the Dash Gauge Bezel Housing can be had from MopartsRacing.com (or others) for about $525. The radio is missing, as I never had that, as well as the button and latch for the console.

I have a current Colorado title, in my name, and in my possession, so this can be an easy sale. I STRONGLY encourage you to come see the car, start it up, hear it run, drive it around town for awhile and you will absolutely be sold on how cool this car is. I want you to see the car and even bring an inspector to check it out, as I have nothing to hide. After we sign the sales agreement and you drive home with it (even back to Maine, if that's where you want to go) I cannot guarantee or warranty any parts or condition after you drive away. What I am saying is... come drive the car and make your decision. I'm sure it will be the right one!!

If you have questions or need further information, send me an email from the link at the top of the page, or call me at 303-333-1951 during regular business hours or leave a message anytime. When you hang up, I'll be paged and I'll get back to you.

You will notice in the photo above, there is a slight blemish in the paint on the drivers side fender. While being stored under a car cover, I accidentally brushed against the fender with a wood box and wrinkled the paint under the fabric. With a little polishing to smooth the finish and a few dabs of touch up paint, the "accident" will be practically unnoticeable. I just wanted you to be aware of this flaw.

In the photo below, you will notice the rear bumper has a dent in the passenger's side. A replacement NOS Mopar chrome bumper has just arrived and will probably be installed before you read this. If you want, I can even give you the old bumper!

In the photo above and the photo below, you can see the reflectability of the new paint.

Above are photos of the VIN plate on the dash and the original Fender Tag that describes the components and options that relate to the configuration of the car. You can see the 6 numbers on the bottom right of the tag are the main VIN numbers and also appear on the motor block and on the transmission pictured below. All these numbers being the same indicates this car as a true "numbers matching" Mopar. Reading from left to right, and from the bottom up, the tag decodes like this:

E61 = 275 HP 383 cubic inch engine with 2 barrel carburetor
D32 = 727 Torqueflite 3 speed automatic transmission
J = Plymouth, H = High level, 23 = 2 door hardtop, L = 275 HP motor, 1 = 1971 model, B = Hamtramck, Michigan assembly plant, 152751 = sequence number
FC7 = Plum Crazy high impact paint color
H6XW = High trim, vinyl bucket and rear seat cover, white headliner & black trim
923 = Production date: September 23, 1970
014210 = Original vehicle order number
V1W = White vinyl roof
U = Built to U.S. specifications
A62 = Rallye instrument cluster with 150 MPH speedometer, clock, tach, woodgrain trim
C16 = Console with woodgrain panel
C55 = Bucket seats
G11 = Tinted glass, all windows
H51 = Air conditioning with front heater
J25 = 3 speed variable wipers
J41 = Pedal dressup kit
M21 = Drip rail mouldings
N85 = Tachometer
R11 = AM Music Master radio, 2 watts power
V6W = White Sport Stripe
26 = 26" radiator
EN2 = End of codes

If you have further questions, send me an email through the "Contact" link above or call my office anytime or any day at 303-333-1951. You may leave a message and I'll be paged as soon as you hang up. Please remember that I'm in Mountain Standard Time.

If you have questions or need further information, send me an email or call me at 303-333-1951 during regular business hours or leave a message anytime. When you hang up, I'll be paged and I'll get back to you.