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The car pictured here is currently for sale, either as a complete package, or as a roller, less the engine, transmission and differential.

The first few photos you will see here were taken during the fabrication of this beautiful car. It's original construction concept began as a replica of the 1968 Hemi Cuda Super Stock / A Hemi (SS/AH) cars.

The chassis work, the four link rear suspension, and the very extensive cage work was designed for NHRA certification to 7.50 et's. At the beginning of the project, it was configured for a Generation 3 new Hemi with a 904 Mopar 3 speed transmission. A later switch to a 2nd Generation Hemi or a monster Wedge motor was contemplated. In any of these configurations, it could race in S/ST (Super Street on a 10.9 second index) or S/G (Super Gas on a 9.90 second index)

To date, the car has appeared at several car shows, winning extensive awards each time, but the car has NOT been raced. At present, installing the 9" third member, plumbing the brake system, plumbing the remaining fuel system and wiring the electrical system with the AEM computer are the only outstanding tasks needed to finish the project.

The car was built here in Denver by Shawn Kennedy Race Cars who is a long time NHRA champion and winner of many Best Engineered trophies. The car is carefully designed to launch straight and run straight. It features a highly sophisticated and adjustable four-link rear suspension and an Alter-K-tion, coil over, rack and pinion front suspension.Like the original 1968 Super Stock cars, it has fiberglas front fenders and hood, but also has fiberglas front and rear bumpers. The windshield is glass but the rest is Lexan. I don't remember the exact weight, but the car will probably scale out around 2600 pounds.

The current motor is a bored and stroked 6.1 Hemi featuring aluminum heads with a full NASCAR porting treatment, Comp Cams valve springs and cam, CP pistons and rings, Arrow rods, an ATI balancer, a deep Charlies Oil Pan and ceramic coated TTi headers. The trans is a TCI 904 small block Mopar transmission. The engine management system will be controlled by an AEM computer and wiring harness.

The paint was also done here in Denver by the area's finest, Jeff Showalter of Colorworks Custom. The many layer, many color, ghosted checkered flag design has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The interior is also finished with the same degree of care and professionalism. Read further down to learn about Ronnie Sox autographing the glove box just before he passed away.

If you would like to see further pictures of the build, give me a call and I can arrange that.

This car is one of the finest crafted and beautiful race cars you will find. To replicate this car, with this degree of quality and finish cannot be done at today's prices nor the price I have in mind. If you are interested in a discussion about a purchase, either as a complete car or simply as a rolling chassis (since I AM willing to separate it), give me a call at 303-324-3300 during weekday business hours, MST, or leave a message anytime at 303-333-1951.

Here is an interesting bit of history for you. I had been talking with Phil Mandella about the concept of the car, designing it to resemble the Holton / West Coast Hemi cars. While attending the 2006 Mopars At The Strip show and race, I had Phil and Harry autograph the glove box.

Ronnie Sox, Herb McCandless and Buddy Martin were to attend the show with their original 68 Hemi Cuda. Unfortunately, Ronnie became too sick to attend, but I still had Herb and Buddy sign. Buddy encouraged me to send the glove box door to Ronnie and Diane at their home in Virginia. Sadly, Ronnie passed away 10 days after signing his autograph to the car. It might have been the last autograph he gave.